Tours to be scared on Halloween

Tours to be scared on Halloween 🎃

At Goodbye Rita we have loved the Civitatis Halloween proposal for a scary night,
Ideal for both adults and children.
Go preparing your best costume, we want to share with you 3 plans that we think you will like a lot, DO YOU DARE?

In the city of Madrid , tormented spirits haunt Alcalá, Montera and Gran Vía .
Souls from bygone eras tour the capital at sunset.

Discover its legends with this ghost tour

Barcelona reveals its night tour of mysteries and legends, revealing the stories and legends that the Ciudad Condal treasures in its oldest streets.

Ready to unveil the mysteries?

In Seville he shows us inexplicable events, mysteries... Dare to explore the most paranormal Seville with this night route through the most surprising places in the Andalusian capital.

And if you feel like going away from home to be a bit scared, we want to introduce you to this tour in Transylvania where you could enjoy a terrifying Halloween party in Dracula's castle.

You will spend a terrifying night!


And if you want to know more plans, do not hesitate and click here:

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