Green - SomersaultGreen - Somersault

Green - Somersault

From €49.90
Suffer Mamón - BlueSuffer Mamón - Blue

Suffer Mamón - Blue

From €49.90
Pink - Neighborhood HandsomePink - Neighborhood Handsome

Pink - Neighborhood Handsome

From €49.90
I'm gonna have fun - YellowI'm gonna have fun - Yellow

I'm gonna have fun - Yellow

From €49.90
Black - Capone della mafiaBlack - Capone della mafia

Black - Capone della mafia

From €49.90

40 years are nothing and everything. Los Hombres G started 40 years ago to have a good time among crocodile girls and pica pica powder. And that's nothing! Goodbye, Rita does a somersault and together with the handsome guys from the neighborhood we have designed these limited edition glasses.

  • I'm going to have a good time
  • Today I got up doing a somersault
  • I am the capone of the mafia
  • Suffers Mamon
  • We have never been the handsome ones in the neighborhood

If you are from the #GenerationG , surely these songs are already part of your life. The generation of all of you who have jumped and continue to jump with their songs. A generation in which the year you were born does not matter, but what music makes you feel. A generation that is always ready to have a good time. And you, are you from the
#GenerationG ? So let your hair down, buy your glasses and show that you know how to have a good time.