The solidarity glasses of the AECC

Today October 19 is World Breast Cancer Day.

Cancer is not invincible

Goodbye Rita is, for the third consecutive year, the official glasses of the Association Against Cancer (AECC). In this new campaign, two unisex frames for adults and children have been designed together with the AECC, available in the Sun Collection as well as for the Blue Filter Collection, which features screen protection. They can be purchased separately or together in the most supportive pack of the brand.

At Goodbye, Rita and the AECC we continue to focus on making society aware of the importance of continuing to support the fight against this disease he is not invincible .

With the aim of supporting and disseminating this important cause, 100% of the profits from sales are destined entirely to the AECC.

Glasses for children can be purchased for €19.95 and for adults from €24.95. We also have a solidarity pack that includes adult and child glasses available for €44.90.

There is nothing more beautiful than being supportive as a family!

Goodbye Rita remains committed to the AECC, the campaign is focused on raising awareness of the importance of continuing to support the fight against this disease. It is estimated that one in 8 women will be diagnosed with this type of cancer throughout her life.
They are already
available exclusively on the Goodbye Rita website. and on the official website of the AECC, as well as in collaborating centers.


We encourage you to discover the entire collection:

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