The little ones are on vacation! We know that this Holy Week we may not be able to travel or make the plans we were used to, but... it can be a unique moment to really get to know our own city! We can play at being tourists. Surely you have walked through its streets and have listened, out of the blue, as a tourist guide explained anecdotes that you did not know, it may be a good time for them to tell you. Studies say that 90% of people have never booked a hotel night in their own city, for what? If I can go home to sleep. Spending the night away from home can be a wonderful plan for young and old. Making the travel bag, seeing the nearest restaurants where we can go to eat, the places we can visit... surely if you live in the city, spending the day in the outskirts will seem like a great plan and vice versa. Be that as it may, we wish you children and adults a happy Easter, full of moments to connect with what makes us happy. Goodbye Rita, would like nothing more than to accompany you in all your outdoor plans, we invite you to discover our unisex collection of adult and children's sunglasses available in more than 25 colors. Our category 3 lenses (the highest approved for driving) are 10 times more resistant to impacts than plastic or glass lenses, offering a great reduction in reflections and have 100% protection against UVA rays. , UVB, and UVC


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